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Spellings and Homework

Year One Spellings


Each week the children are tested on their Spellings. There are two sets of spellings to learn each week- the Band or High Frequency Words Spellings which we test every day and the Friday Spellings which are tested weekly. It is really important that your child practises these spellings each week to aid their Writing progress and composition.


Band Word Spellings- Daily

The Year One children have been assessed on the Year One High Frequency Words and put into a Band from 1-30. Your child should know what band they are in and has had their Band spellings sent home to practise weekly. Once they get their Band Spellings right 3x in school they will then move onto the next band and we will send new spellings home to practise. We also ask you to make sure that your child can read all of their Band words too- we can find that some children can spell all of their Band Words but not read them! We are also finding that a lot of children are getting their b's and d's the wrong way round so please practise and support them with this at home.

NB: Children on Band 1-3 only have one list of spellings to practise each week. They will also practise and write these spellings for their Friday Spelling Test and will not need to learn the weekly Friday Spellings (see below.) 


Friday Spellings- Weekly

Every week the children will have their spellings on a Friday. These are different to their Band Words and are a list of 10 spellings from the Year One Spelling List. The children will be given spellings from the Year One Term 1A for this half term (Autumn 1) List unless they are on Band 1, 2or 3 High Frequency Words. If they are on Band 1-3 they will only practise these every week until they move up to Band 4 or beyond. They will then move onto having 2 sets of spellings (Band Words and Friday) rather than just one. A paper copy of the Friday Spellings has been sent home but the full weekly spellings for this half term are also shown below. Please learn your spellings for the appropriate week and keep practising! Don't forget our spelling tests will be every Friday morning.


Common Exception Word Spellings- Termly

We also test the children every half term on the Year One Common Exception Words and monitor their scores to show their wonderful spelling progress. If you scroll down below to the bottom of the page you can find a digital PDF of the Common Exception Words for Year One, and all the Year One High Frequency Band Words.  If you have any queries or questions about your child's spellings do not hesitate to contact me.




High Frequency words Year 1 (100)

Summer 1 Spellings