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Catholic Virtues Luminaries

Neve is our Catholic luminary for this term. Neve has really shone over this half term and is always trying her best in everything that she does. Mrs Deocades and I have both observed Neve showing her gratitude to her fellow students in lessons, using her initiative to gain support and showing thanks. She is a very generous individual and very kind. Well done Neve!!!

Anayah is our Catholic luminary for Autumn 2.  has shown her ability to be attentive recently in class through staying focused and on topic, she has made drastic improvements in this area and Mrs Deocades and I have really seen a change in her. Anayah is not only attentive when it comes to listening in class but also to the needs of others around her, She is always showing compassion and kindness to her peers and is listening and acting upon what God is asking of her.  Anayah really has shone this half term. She is not afraid to ask for help when she requires it and that shows that she is taking the right steps and following the path Jesus wants for her.

Our Catholic luminary for Spring 1 is Tori-Lei. Being loving and compassionate are our main focus' for our catholic virtues for this half term and Tori-lei has really shown she is deserving of this reward. She is always kind to all students in the class, she is constantly smiling and laughing and has a great attitude towards learning. Tori-lei has really shone this half term and has shown how being a friend to all can brighten everyone's day. Keep up the amazing work !!!

Our Catholic luminary for Spring 2 is Bridie. Bridie over this last half term has really shown her dedication to God. Being faith-filled and hopeful are our Catholic virtues, and this means to be full of faith and to be full of hope, Bridie has really taken this onboard, and this can be seen throughout all of her work in R.E. It is said in order to be the very best versions of ourselves we need to be faith-filled, and we could all take a leaf out of Bridies book in this instance as she is a kind, caring and funny girl that always puts a smile on our faces. 

keep up the amazing work!!!