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Star of the Week

Year 2 Star of the Week


Every Friday, somebody in Year 2 will be chosen to be 'Star of the Week'. It will be uploaded to this page, so check back each week to see who is the new star!

Summer 1

Week 3 - 26.04.2024


This week’s Star of the Week focus was somebody who has worked really hard on their presentation or present their work beautifully all of the time. Shereeka is both of those things! She tries so hard on her pre-cursive handwriting and does so in every single lesson. She is such a conscientious member of our class and it shows through her work and behaviour. Well done, Shereeka – it is very well deserved 😊

Week 2 - 19.04.2024


This week’s Star of the Week focus was somebody who has excelled in their RE lessons.

Leon has worked so hard, especially since coming back after the Easter break, and he is making really good progress in terms of the quality and quantity of his writing. He has been giving superb answers in the RE lessons and we are very proud of how well he is doing. Well done, Leon! Keep it up 😊

Spring 2

Week 4 - 15.03.2024


This week’s Star of the Week focus was linked to World Book Day. In light of this, we looked for somebody with a fantastic attitude towards reading and who inspires others to read. It was an easy choice for us to make as Ellis absolutely loves reading! He even read for the school in our celebration assembly a couple of weeks ago. Not only that, but he was the first Year 2 pupil to become a librarian and is often seen spending his play times in the library to read or help keep it tidy.

Well done, Ellis. A love for reading is a fantastic thing to have… don’t stop!

Spring 1

Week 2 - 19.01.2024


This week’s Star of the Week focus was linked to our new Catholic Virtues for the half-term: loving and compassionate. In our eyes there’s not a more deserving pupil for this award as Autumn is always so kind and caring to her classmates and teachers. She’s always seeking to do jobs in the class and help out in any way she can. We’re so lucky to have her as part of our team.

Well done, Autumn! Keep being you 😊

Autumn 2

Week 5 - 8.12.2023


This week, Mr Read has chosen Jennifer for this week’s Star of the Week for quickly picking up the Christmas dance moves and her overall upbeat attitude in after school club.

Well done, Jennifer – we couldn’t agree more. You are lovely member of our class and always have a smile on your face 😊

Week 4 - 1.12.2023


This week's Star of the Week's focus was on somebody who is a 'un-sung hero' in the classroom. It was a no-brainer for Mrs Barnett and I as Sara is always working hard, has her head down and gets on with it. We can always rely on Sara to be getting on with her work quietly and independently. She is a kind, caring and well-mannered member of our class and never causes us any problems. Your hard work and attitude doesn't go un-noticed Sara, well done and keep up the hard work! smiley

Week 3 - 24.11.2023


This week’s Star of the Week focus was influenced by ‘Our Common Home Week’. Emmanuel stood out to us straight away as he is always kind and caring towards God’s creations. He demonstrates perfectly how import recycling is and knows how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to care for our common home. Not only this, but Emmanuel created a fantastic piece of work in our Catholic Social Teaching lesson based on caring for our environment. We are very proud of the young person Emmanuel is growing into. Well done and keep it up! 😊

Week 2 - 17.11.2023


In light of anti-bullying this week, our Star of the Week focus was somebody who is a good friend to everybody. It was an easy decision to make for us as Wyatt is always kind and caring to those around him.

He is so helpful and tries to encourage his peers to do well.

Well done, Wyatt. We are very lucky to have you in our class 😊


Autumn 1

Week 6 - 20.10.2023


This week’s Star of the Week focus was somebody who has focused on their reading fluency, clarity of speech and expression when reading aloud in class. It was a no brainer when it came to choosing somebody as Francie has read beautifully in our Whole Class Reading lessons this week. She speaks loudly and clearly so as the audience can hear her and her fluency is coming along brilliantly!

We’re really proud of you, Francie. Well done 😊

Week 5 - 13.10.2023


This week’s Star of the Week was chosen by Mr Read for someone who has been shining during break times, lunch times and the Active 15 sessions. In Year 2, he chose Katie! This is what Mr Read said…


“You can always count on Katie to give my lunchtime MUGA sessions her all. An absolute pleasure to have in any of my sessions and a fantastic team player. Congratulations, Katie!”


Well done, Katie. We couldn’t agree more. Keep up the good work 😊

Week 4 - 6.10.2023


This week, the children in Year 2 voted for who they thought was a worthy Star of the Week winner. Emma won the majority of the votes and we couldn’t agree more with some of the reasons that were given:

  • She is funny and smart and loving to others. 
  • She is a good friend to the school, class and teachers. 
  • She lets everyone play. If someone gets hurt she tells the teacher. 
  • She’s nice and kind. 
  • She is nice to me. 
  • She is grateful, kind and helpful.  
  • She is helpful and grateful when I give her a pencil. 


Well done, Emma! Your hard work and generosity towards others have been noticed by everyone, including the teachers. Keep up the good work 😊

Week 3 - 29.9.2023


Our Star of the Week focus this week was “somebody who has challenged themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.”

This week Riley has blown us away with him enthusiasm for learning. He has been contributing to class discussions in every single lesson and has been eager to put his hand up to share the answer, especially in Maths. We have been astounded by some of the knowledge Riley has demonstrated and we couldn’t think of a better pupil to give this award to. Well done, Riley! Keep up the hard work smiley

Week 2 - 22.9.2023


Our Star of the Week focus this week was “somebody who is a kind friend to everyone.”

Without a doubt, Matthew is just that. He is kind and caring towards all of his classmates and will allow others a turn at things before himself.

He demonstrated this beautifully in our music lesson this week when he let his partner have a go on the glockenspiel before having a go himself.

Well done, Matthew. You are a brilliant friend to everybody and we are very lucky to have you in our class smiley

Week 1 - 15.9.2023


Our focus for Star of the Week this week was presentation. We were looking for someone who has impressed us this week with their handwriting and neat presentation in their exercise books. It was a tricky choice as there were a few children that had tried hard this week but one child in particular stood out and that was Niamh

Not only has Niamh presented her work beautifully and set a wonderful example for the other pupils in Year 2, but she has tried her best to write in pre-cursive throughout the lessons this week. It can be tricky to transition from non-cursive letters to pre-cursive as there are a lot more fine motor skills required, but Niamh has really tried her best and it is paying off!

Well done, Niamh. Keep up the good work smiley