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Catholic Virtues Luminaries

Summer 1 - Ciara-Lily Toal

Ciara-Lily is a kind and honest member of Year 4. She always works hard, tries her best and is a friend to all in the class. When she speaks in class, she is eloquent; it is clear that she thinks carefully before she speaks and puts a lot of thought into her class contributions. Ciara is a wonderful member of our class, somebody we can rely on to be truthful and hardworking in all that she does, and we are delighted to have her in Year 4. She should be very proud of all that she has achieved so far, well done Ciara-Lily!

Spring 2 - Emmanuel Iruonagbe


Emmanuel is somebody who always tries to live a life in keeping with what Jesus would want us to do. He is thoughtful and reflective in all that he does, but especially in RE, and clearly is filled with a desire to be the very best version of himself. Emmanuel is also somebody who is full of hope, for himself, his classmates and the world around him. He is an outward-looking, kind individual who wants the best for himself and those around him

Spring 1 - Leila Mafozullah


Leila is somebody who embodies our Catholic virtues of 'caring' and 'compassionate' and has done from the start of her time in Year 4. She is quick to check-in with her friends and classmates, and never hesitates to let Mr Clewer and Mrs Hawkins know if somebody in the class is not feeling at their best. She puts others' feelings first and is a friend to many in the class, and her smile brightens the room. We are proud of the progress that Leila is making, and we think she is a wonderful asset to the school.

Autumn 2 - Ciara-Lily Toal


Ciara-Lily is somebody we can rely on in Year 4 to always be on task, focused and trying her best. Ciara-Lily has grown in confidence this year, and she has become one of the first people to offer answers in class. She listens in lesson but also listens to her friends, makes time for people, and is a kind member of our class. We are very lucky to have Ciara-Lily in year 4, and we think that she is very deserving of this award.

Autumn 1 - Reuben Cooper-Hodgson


Reuben has consistently shown gratuity and generosity from his first day in Year 4 through to today. Reuben is extremely generous with his time and is always happy to share his expertise. He has shown how grateful he is for his school, family, friends, and the wider world that God has made through his excellent RE work, crafting wonderfully thoughtful prayers about gratuity as well as prayers for those less fortunate than himself.  He truly embodies this terms Catholic Virtues, and we are very proud of how hard he has worked this year so far. Well done, Reuben.