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Catholic Virtues Award

Autumn Term 1

Eloquent & Truthful


This half term we have focused on the virtues of Eloquent and Truthful.

Young people need to be articulate, to be confident with an extensive vocabulary, to be able to construct a persuasive argument, and to speak with elegance and style, however,

eloquence is not confined to speaking – it finds expression in writing, music, drama, dance, the creative arts, design, film, digital media, and sport.  All of these are important to Jesuit education because they encourage children to express their identity as well as their talents.

However, being able to speak well is not much use if what you speak is not worth saying.  Eloquence must be used in a truthful way – to speak truth about myself and others, about relations between people, about the world, and about God.

Our virtue award for this half term is for the amazing Antonia!  She embodies everything that has been said above and actively tries to demonstrate this on a daily basis.

A true Year 6 role model.

Well done, Antonia.