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 Welcome to the Year 4 & 5 Ukulele page 


Hello Year 4 and Year 5! Welcome to the ukulele page....

I thought I'd create this page to help support playing your ukulele at home. I've added some pages below with a variety of resources - songs that you have been learning in school, websites with songs to practise and play, youtube videos to play along with, support with tuning your ukulele and youtube videos to remind you of the basics (chords etc).

I hope it is useful and that you have lots of fun playing your ukulele at home. I'm learning to play the ukulele at home too, so I hope to be able to play at school with you in the future! Happy playing... Miss Hand (Music Lead) ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Please click on the picture links below and they will take you to

new pages with much more to explore! Enjoy! smiley


'There's not much you can do with a UKULELE that doesn't sound happy'

- Jeff Lynne (The Electric Light Orchestra - band)


'MUSIC is a World within itself, with a language we can all understand'

Stevie Wonder (singer)


 'MUSIC has an extraordinary power to bring us together, it can lift us when we feel low, energise us when we feel tired, and is something we all have in common'

Out of the Ark Music