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The Youth Proms 2022 - Information

Choir – Youth Proms at the Symphony Hall

Wednesday 20th July - 7.00pm - 9.15pm


The Concert

We have been lucky enough to be invited to sing at this year’s Youth Proms at the Symphony Hall. There are a number of concerts happening over a week, but we are performing on the evening of Wednesday 20th July (the last week of term before the summer break).


Coach money

We will be taking the choir on a coach to the Symphony Hall for a rehearsal and a packed tea before the start of the concert at 7.00pm. You will need to make arrangements for your child to be picked up at the end of the concert at 9.15pm. This fantastic event is free for the children to take part in, but we will need the cost of the coach journey to be covered. Please can you pay £5.00 via SQUID to cover the cost of transport by Friday 10th June 2022.



The tickets for the Youth Proms have now gone on sale on the Symphony Hall website.

Please go to the following website -



Alternatively you can buy tickets in person at the Symphony Hall box office or on the phone by calling the following number : 0121 780 3333

The St Rose choir are singing on Wednesday 20th July, so please ensure you select this date when purchasing tickets.

The tickets cost £15, or £10 for concessions.



For the rehearsal/concert at the Symphony Hall on Wednesday 20th July¸ the children will have lunch as normal at school, but will need to bring a packed 'lunch' to eat for their evening meal before the concert.


Dress code

The theme for the Youth Proms this year is ‘Warmth’ – red, orange and yellow. The organisers of the event have said that children can wear just one of these colours or a mixture of two/all three. They have asked that children do not wear white shirts with accessories, only red, orange and yellow clothing. The outfit can be sparkly, you can wear bows in hair (if red/orange/yellow), cardigans, ties or bow ties.




Please can the children bring their outfits to school in week 6, by Monday 11th July, so that we can make sure that everyone has the required clothing. The children will be changing into their outfits before we leave school on Wednesday 20th July to go to the Symphony Hall.



Reminder of details

The performance (concert) will take place on Wednesday 20th July at 7.00pm, but we would advise that if you are coming to the concert, you should arrive 15 minutes beforehand. The children will be at the Symphony Hall from 12.30pm until the end of the concert at 9.15pm. The children will travel to the Symphony Hall by coach, but you will need to make arrangements to pick up your children from the Symphony Hall when the concert has finished at 9.15pm.


Contact details


In order to ensure the safe collection of pupils from the Symphony Hall, it is essential that we have up to date emergency contact details for parents/carers, should we need to contact you for any reason. You will need to provide emergency contact details for two people.


As you will be aware, the school have arranged transport to the Symphony Hall but parents/carers will need to collect their children from the Symphony Hall at 9.15pm.


During the concert, you will be made aware of where to collect your child from but if you are not going to the concert, please make your way to the main concourse in the Symphony Hall.