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Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School home page

Our Lady and St Rose of Lima
Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Learning, Living, Loving Together in Christ


Homework in each year group:



Nursery Homework activities are on-going and parents are given guidance and support from the Nursery Staff when needed.


Reception - Y6 

Each child has been given a homework book to record their work in. In here, you will find a homework grid for the whole term. 

Each grid has daily tasks, enrichment tasks, home learning tasks to build on what has been taught in class, extension tasks and important information. There's plenty to keep you busy for the whole term.


Children in Year 6 will have extra homework in English and Maths in preparation for the End of Key Stage2 SATs. 

 You can find your child's homework grid at the bottom of this page...


With the current climate, we are asking that homework books remain at home. However, your child should share their homework with their teacher via their Class Blog on BGFL 365. Teachers will monitor the blog to see how they have got on!

Thank you for your support!



As part of the children’s homework, children are expected to read with an adult for at least 20 minutes each day. A home environment of enjoyment of reading is a great partnership with the school. Children will be given a ‘Home Reading’ book which parents are expected to share with them and help her/him to read. There will also be a ‘Home Reading Diary’, which should be filled in and sent back. Parents and children may make comments about books read and teachers may also send messages via this book.


A Study Plan is sent to parents, and is available on the website, at the beginning of each half term, outlining the Focus for Study in each curriculum area and the class homework routine. The study plan can be used as a guideline for parental support, particularly when children may be required to do some home research projects which may entail visiting their local library or places of interest.


We encourage parents to take the children to the library in you own time so that they can delve deeper into topics that they have been studying in class and not rely completely on Google!.


The children have got login details to enable them to access the following websites independently to continue their home study.