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EYFS, Module 1, Unit 1

Session 1: Handmade With Love

Over five days, children will be told the story of creation, engaging with it creatively through sound, movement and discussion. This session aims to provide children at the outset of the programme with the language and understanding of the fundamental principle that we were created by God out of love and for love.


EYFS, Module 1, Unit 2

Session 1: I Am Me

This session helps children learn that they are uniquely created by God and special because they are made and loved by Him. As children explore in more detail their uniqueness and what that means in real terms, this session aims to celebrate difference as well as individual gifts, talents and abilities.

Session 2: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This session requires children moving around and exploring the movements their bodies can make by taking part in a story where Freddy Teddy and Mollie the Cat take a morning walk. The rest of the session helps children realise how wonderful their unique, God-given bodies are. The session also briefly discusses, in an age appropriate way, that privates are private.

Session 3: Ready Teddy?

With the ultimate aim of looking after our God-given bodies, this interactive session involves children helping Freddy Teddy to make good, healthy lifestyle decisions, including about exercise, diet, sleep and personal hygiene. Note that this session is not exhaustive and these topics will need to be revisited multiple times for children to really grasp them; rather, this session offers spiritual reasoning for why we should look after our bodies, and consolidates on the good practice being taught in schools.


EYFS, Module 1, Unit 3

Session 1: I Like, You Like, We All Like!

This session builds on themes of similarities and differences from Unit 2 by helping children consider what likes and dislikes they have in common. Children will also participate in a story in which Mollie the Cat feels bad because she doesn’t like catching mice, but comes to a place of self-acceptance with the help of her friends.

Session 2: All The Feelings!

Using pictures and short stories of Freddy Teddy and his friends experiencing different feelings, children will discuss how they are feeling, what feelings can look like and why they might be feeling them. They will also work on empathy and understanding of others, and how to help.

Session 3: Let’s Get Real

This session moves away from Freddy Teddy and friends and looks at a real life example of a challenging situation like pupils may face. Children will engage creatively with this story, learning that actions have consequences; that when we make mistakes, we should say sorry and ask for forgiveness. This will lead into a basic exploration of of Jesus’ forgiveness for us.


EYFS, Module 1, Unit 4

Session 1: Growing Up

This session helps children explore the natural human cycle of life, focusing on what children can remember about their development so far and what they know will happen as they get older. This is underpinned by the religious understanding that growing up is part of God’s plan for our lives, and that we are loved by Him at every life stage.


EYFS, Module 2, Unit 1

Session 1: Role Model

The first part of this session helps children to understand why the Bible is so special to Christians and the second helps children to act out the Gospel account of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet, showing that He loves us and is a role model for us to copy in loving one another. For Day Two, you might want children to do the foot washing activity in smaller groups.


EYFS, Module 2, Unit 2

Session 1: Who’s Who?

This session helps children learn and apply names to different family relationships, as well as discussing ‘special people’ who they can trust. Teachers can choose in this session whether to play videos of an animated character who drives the session, or use the appendix script to deliver the content ‘in role’.

Session 2: You’ve Got A Friend in Me

Through role play and story, this session discusses friendships with peers and the different qualities of a positive/negative relationships. Children will expand their vocabulary around this topic and learn to look to Jesus as a role model for being a good friend.

Session 3: Forever Friends

Through a story about Freddy Teddy struggling to share at a picnic with his friends, this session helps children consider how to resolve conflict in friendships through saying sorry and asking for/receiving forgiveness. Children will learn that when we hurt others, we also hurt Jesus – but that Jesus teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others.


EYFS, Module 2, Unit 3

Session 1: Safe Inside and Out

Through an interactive story where children have to help Freddy Teddy stay safe in various situations, children will explore different ways they can stay safe outside, inside and inside themselves too. All this is underpinned by the religious teaching that we are created and loved by God, with bodies and minds that He wants us to keep safe.

Session 2: My Body, My Rules

This session introduces children to the idea of bodily privacy (including the NSPCC PANTS message that ‘privates are privates’) and the importance of talking to their ‘special people’ if anything troubles them. This is all underpinned by the religious teaching that we are created and loved by God, with bodies and minds that He wants us to keep safe.

Session 3: Feeling Poorly

In this session, pupils will be introduced to the idea of medicines as drugs and learn how to be safe around them. Children will draw on their own experiences of feeling poorly and taking medicines, as well as input from an animated expert, Dr Datfa. This session is underpinned with the religious teaching that our bodies are a gift from God which we should take care of.

Session 4: People Who Help Us

This session ties in with the EYFS ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, enabling pupils to identify those who help us in an emergency, including police, firefighters and paramedics. Children will learn what an emergency is and discuss which emergency service they might need in specific scenarios. Children will also discuss the principle of emergency and non-emergency First Aid. This teaching is underpinned by the religious understanding that we are created to love God and love others, and we should therefore look out and care for one another and the bodies we have been given.


EYFS, Module 3, Unit 1

Session 1: God is Love

This session introduces in a very simple way the concept of the Trinity, where God is three-in-one and each part loves the others and loves us. Children will come to understand that as we are made in the image of God, we are designed to love God and love one another too.

Session 2: Loving God, Loving Others

Building on the previous session, where children learned that we are made to love others just like God love us, this session helps children consider their wider communities. Through the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with just the humble offering of a small boy, children will learn that our loving actions can be used by God to do incredible things.


EYFS, Module 3, Unit 2

Session 1: Me, You, Us

Extending their understanding of communities from Unit 1, this session helps children to understand the responsibilities they have to people, places and the planet now and increasingly as they get older.