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Lower KS2

LKS2 Module 1, Unit 1

Session 1: Get Up!

Over five days, children will hear and experience the Gospel story of Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter. The story will be repeated in various ways, and through times of discussion, imaginative reflection and creative response, children will learn that they are created by God out of love and for love: they were designed for this purpose, which should inform how they live.

Session 2: The Sacraments

Building on the reflective sessions on the account of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, this session unpacks the Sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation. Children will understand that through prayer, the Sacraments and our friendships and relationships with others, we can have a foretaste of heaven.


LKS2 Module 1, Unit 2

Session 1: We Don’t Have To Be The Same

In this session, children will recognise that people are unique and that our similarities and differences should be celebrated. Pupils will also be given an opportunity to reflect on God’s love as the foundation of our self-confidence. In this session, we meet for the first time the animated character of AJ and the characters Sophie and Aidan, who will be played by different pupils in each session. They enable pupils to engage with the topics through drama exercises such as hot-seating and roleplay.

Session 2: Respecting Our Bodies

In this session, we explore the importance of respecting our bodies as a gift from God in very practical ways, such as clothing, food and physical exercise. Returning to the character of AJ (on screen) and Sophie and Aidan (played by pupils), children will explore problems and solutions through roleplay and discussion. Children will reflect on their bodies as a gift from God that He wants us to look after and respect.

Session 3: What is Puberty?

In this session, children will develop a base-level understanding of what puberty is and why we go through it. This session is a precursor to the session which will follow called ‘Changing Bodies’ which will look specifically at some of the changes that boys and girls will face when they enter puberty. Through the roleplay drama and presenter-led video, children should come out of this session knowing that puberty is part of God’s plan for our bodies and that they can embrace the changes with confidence.

Session 4: Changing Bodies

In the previous session, the pupils looked at the word ‘puberty’ and learnt how puberty is part of God’s plan to help us love others more. In this session, pupils will use the correct terminology for genitalia relating to the discussion on puberty and explore some of the specific physical and emotional changes that will take place for boys and girls over the coming years.

Session 5: Male/Female Discussion Groups (optional)

Depending on the response of your children and the RSE Policy in your school, it may be appropriate to have a more informal meeting with children in single-sex groups to allow for any discussions or questions that may have arisen through the previous sessions on puberty.


LKS2 Module 1, Unit 3

Session 1: What Am I Feeling?

This session introduces emotions and feelings as complex and changeable things that we sometimes find difficult to understand or explain - especially when hormones are involved! Children will learn to examine their feelings, and try to understand them and what causes them. They will be given some techniques to scrutinise their feelings and determine whether they are a good guide for taking action. Children will also spend time reflecting on their emotional well-being, and what they can do to help themselves stay emotionally healthy.

Session 2: What Am I Looking At?

Through activities and creative role play, this session encourages children to see through the fake reality that is presented to them on television, in magazines and on adverts: they will compare these representations and stereotypes to their own life experiences. This session can be particularly useful in revealing and discussing biased gender stereotypes and how children feel about them. Children will also consider how the polished ‘reality’ of the media can affect how people feel about themselves.

Session 3: I Am Thankful

In this session, children will identify behaviour that is wrong, unacceptable, unhealthy or risky, and they will be reminded that feelings and actions are different things. They will learn that particular feelings and pressures may make us want to act inappropriately, and so they will learn how to build resilience in various ways, including choosing to be thankful.


LKS2 Module 1, Unit 4

Session 1: Life Cycles

In this session, pupils will explore the miraculous nature of human conception and birth. With the underpinning knowledge that we were handmade by God with our parents’ help, children will go on a journey to discover how life is created in the womb. It is worth noting that sexual intercourse is not discussed in this session. The session ends with a thanksgiving meditation.


LKS2 Module 2, Unit 1

Session 1: Jesus, My Friend

This session revisits Jesus’ parable of The Prodigal Son; which children will have first heard a simplified version of in Key Stage One. This parable shows that God loves us, and nothing we can do will stop Him from loving us. Through the story of the two brothers, children will learn about different types of sin, and the importance of forgiveness in relationships.


LKS2 Module 2, Unit 2

Session 1: Friends, Family and Others…

This session will help children to identify more complex relationships in their lives, including family, friends and other people, and explore how to relate to people within these different relationships. Children will also discuss what it means to be a good friend and learn some strategies to use when relationships become difficult.

Session 2: When Things Feel Bad

In this session, children will learn how to recognise bullying and abuse (including physical bullying and emotional bullying online). Children will take part in discussions and roleplay activities to consider how bullying affects people, and what strategies can be employed to resist pressure and practise resilience. To allow more time and space for them, you may choose to run the roleplay activities at a different time.


LKS2 Module 2, Unit 3

Session 1: Sharing Online

Integrating the NSPCC Share Aware programme, this session introduces the digital world as one that children need to take steps to stay safe in, just like the real world. This session focuses on how quickly things can be shared around the world online, including photos, passwords and other personal information. Children will discuss how this can be damaging and/or dangerous, and will learn steps to keep themselves safe.

Session 2: Chatting Online

Integrating the NSPCC Share Aware programme, this session continues discussing steps children need to take to stay safe online. This session focuses particularly on chatting and cyberbullying; it helps children to know how they can report and get help if they encounter inappropriate messages or material.

Session 3: Safe In My Body

This session follows on from the previous two internet safety sessions, by moving into the real world and considering what physical contact is appropriate and inappropriate. Children will be introduced to the term ‘abuse’ and discuss different kinds of abuse, including sexual abuse, here referred to as *‘abuse of private parts’. Children will be asked to think of trusted adults that they can talk to about any issues they may face. There is also an **optional section which briefly explores another kind of abuse of private parts: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Session 4: Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

In this session, pupils will learn some key information and facts about drugs, alcohol and tobacco, with input from animated expert Dr Datfa. The teaching is underpinned with the religious understanding that consuming these substances is harmful to our bodies, and therefore God’s creation. Pupils will consider a range of scenarios in order to learn about making the right choices when it comes to substances.

Session 5: First Aid Heroes

In this session, pupils will learn how First Aid, quick reactions and staying calm during an emergency can make the difference between life and death. Pupils will role play some ‘Child of Courage’ style scenarios in which children save lives, with Dr Datfa featuring as host. Children will learn that they don’t need to feel afraid, because God holds us up and gives us strength.


LKS2 Module 3, Unit 1

Session 1: A Community of Love

At the heart of this session is a short film about Lucy and her family, who children have encountered before in KS1. After the film, children will apply Lucy’s story to their developing understanding of the community aspect of the Holy Trinity and be encouraged to think about what the Holy Trinity means for them and their communities.

Session 2: What is the Church?

In this session, children will learn about the wider Church and its mission to reflect the Holy Trinity through love for others. This session will also introduce the principles of Catholic Social Teaching (from ‘Together For The Common Good’), which will be explored further in the next unit.


LKS2 Module 3, Unit 2

Session 1: How Do I Love Others?

This session explores how we can put love into action in the communities we live in. Pupils will look at how the Church has grown out of God’s love for us and how it can be an example and a means of loving and caring for others.