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Life in Year 5

The final week of the Autumn term allowed us to be creative through our Art lessons.  Our topic was 'Islamic Art and Architecture' and the children learnt all about the principles of Islamic design and some of the important examples of Islamic Architecture, such as the Taj Mahal. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing their own pattern and then using clay to create their own tiles.  Their work really was beautiful.  Well done Year 5!

During the season of Advent, we always consider the different ways we can help those who are less fortunate than us.  This year, we joined the many thousands of people who wore their Christmas jumpers to help raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital - a charity we are very proud to support as one of their 100 Heroes.  It was wonderful to see all of the children looking so festive for such a fantastic cause!

Following our Bollywood dancing, the children were introduced to Line Dancing in our PE lesson.  Our first lesson taught us that we needed to follow the mantra, 'keep in line, keep in time' and this certainly paid off as the lessons continued.  Not only did we enjoy dancing in PE, but some of the children and Miss Lucas also taught them how to dance to Cotton Eye Joe.  It really was wonderful seeing all the children work so hard to perfect the dance moves and the final dance was a sight to behold.  Well done Year 5!

This half term, we've thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the newly designed library.  It's now got lots of comfy beanbags and cushions, soft lighting and even a crackling fire which helps us calm down and enjoy a good book.  Everry Friday, we get to dedicate half an hour to the love of reading and it's one of our favourite times of the week.

As Children in Need Day came at the end of the Our Common Home Week, the charity committee decided that we should dress up as something that God created.  It was wonderful to see all of the imaginative costumes from the children in Year 5... Miss Neville especially loved being a butterfly!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the special, 'Our Common Home' week and it has really made us think about what is happening to the wonderful world God created for us.  From recycling to plastic problems, deforestation to the extinction of amazing animals, it is time for us to make a change to help generations to come.  During this week, our lessons were dedicated to helping us understand the problems and how we can make a difference now.  We loved the Rise Theatre day and the creative workshops we took part in as it really helped us to embrace our roles as Planet Heroes!

We have become 'Bridge Experts' through our DT lessons and have learnt about Arch, Beam and Truss bridges.  Our skills of teamwork and concentration were put to the test when we designed our own bridges out of paper, spaghetti and wood.  Suffice to say, we won't be making bridges out of spaghetti again!

In our computing lessons, we learned about Infographics and how they are used to provide key information in a very visual way.  The children developed their skills through J2E5 and understood the importance of choosing the correct fonts, colour scheme and images to ensure their infographics are clear and engaging.  Ask your child to show you their work on BGFL... we know you'll be impressed!

This week, the children were very lucky to be taught Tchoukball by two student teachers from Newman University.  A fairly new sport, tchoukball uses a small ball that is passed between the players and then thrown against a trampete.  The team scores a goal if the opposing team are not able to catch the ball as it bounces off the trampete.  Some of year 5 have been practising this in their after school club and then represented the school at a Catholic Cluster festival on the evening.  It was wonderful to see the children grow in confidence as the lesson progressed and I know the children were excellent ambassadors at the festival.  Well done Year 5!

On Friday 1st October, our charity work for this academic year began by supporting Macmillan Cancer Support.  The Lighthouse Group decided that the school should be covered in green to demonstrate how important this charity is to so many people.  Everyone was asked to come dressed in Green and bring £1 to help raise as much money as we can.  Children came with green face paint onm hair sprayed green and a beautiful array of green clothes.  Well done to everyone in Year 5 for supporting this very worthy cause!


The children have been lucky enough to have Mr Reed teaching them ukulele this half term and I have been etremely impressed with the beautiful sounds they create together.  It's clear they have made great progress since Year 4 and are thoroughly enjoying the different songs he gets them to play!

This half term, our PE lessons focus on Dance and the year 5 children have begun by learning some Bollywood moves before turning to Line Dancing at the end of the half term.  They have shown great promise so please keep coming back to see the photographs that will be added after each lesson.  I've no doubt the final dances will be absolutely fantastic!

Our first Science topic in Year 5 has been forces and we've had some great discussions in class about the different forces around us, including the work of Sir Isaac Newton.  During the topic, the children have learnt about air resistance, water resistance and the importance of friction in our every day life. They made some very interesting paper airplanes to look at the importance of an object being streamlined and, during Thursday afternoon, the children carried out an investigation into the impact of surface area and air resistance on falling paper.  They had great fun watching paper floating around the classroom - why not ask them what they discovered?


Take a look at them in action in the photos below.

Our first foundation subject in Year 5 has been Art and this week, we've explored the concept of 'Style' in Art.  We've looked at what 'style' means, the different types of modernist artwork along with what abstract art is and can represent.  The children have worked really hard during this unit and produced their own pieces of abstract art at the end of the week, reflecting the way they feel and inspired by other abstract artists.  Take a look at their wonderful pictures below!

On Thursday, we broke free of the classroom and took a trip to Mary Ardens' Farm for a taste of Tudor times.  The children learnt who Mary Arden was and her relationship to William Shakespeare along with different elements of Tudor life including when they used a technique called Wattle and Daub, what they used lavender for and how to make Tudor sweets.  The children even took part in a Tudor style dance at the end of the day.  As always, the children behaviour was exemplary and they were a credit to the school.  Ask your child about some of the things they can remember about the day - I'm sure they'll amaze you with their new Tudor knowledge!